Menghilangnya Tradisi Bersyair pada Masyarakat Keturunan Arab di Pesisir Utara Pulau Jawa

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This article entitled “The Missing Poetry Tradition of Arab Descent Communities in the North Coast of Java Island”. In the Gulf countries, the tradition of poetry readings still remain to be done, as seen in their state ceremonies live on such as television Al-Jazerah, Dubai TV, and Emiratiyah TV, or in performing dramas are more popular. Of course there is also the tradition and to the communities in Yemen (Hadramaut), which is also part of the society living in part of the Middle East (Arabian Peninsula) in the South. The people of Hadramaut Arab was known as diaspora communities who traveled and lived in various other areas, including then until lived in Indonesia. This article aims to examine the poetry tradition of the Arab community in the North Coast area of Java and also pay attention to the reason for the missing of poetry tradition in their lives. In this article discussed the legacy of a lyric poet of Arab descent from Cirebon, West Java. The results showed that the change in stratification and profession in Arab society ultimately eliminate the tradition of poetry. In addition, it could also be caused by the presence of barriers and cultural conditions of a different era in the Arab societies themselves who have long settled in the island of Java.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalSusurgalur : Jurnal Kajian Sejarah dan Pendidikan Sejarah
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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