Angelica Anggunadi, Nora Sutarina

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Various studies indicate that the occurrence of chronic diseases among senior people is strongly influenced by lifestyle with irregular physical activity or sedentarylifestyle undertaken when the individual were at young age. Furthermore, physical activities are known to be beneficial to support children and teenagers optimal growth.Sports and physical activities are things that need to be considered for maintaining health and preventing various diseases.

Many epidemiological studies have confirmed that physical activities can reduce the risk of aging or age-related morbidity, and mortality of any cause. Different type of physical activities can be done, however, to get the benefit some variables such as intensity and duration of the physical activities must be considered. High intensity physical activities(vigorous) might reduce the risk of death caused by coronary heart disease as much as 30%, and lower the risk of death caused by stroke or osteoporosis by 25%.The studies showed that we need to know whether the intensity of any undertaken physical activities had been sufficient to obtain maximum benefit.

Several methods and tools have been developed for measuring the intensity of physical activities. One of the methods for measuring physical activities deemed to be accurate and widely used is accelerometer. This article aims to discuss about accelerometer and its benefits for measuring physical activities.
Original languageIndonesian
Pages (from-to)10-33
JournalJorpres (Jurnal Olahraga Prestasi)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2017


  • accelerometer
  • physical activities

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