Mandibular ameloblastoma in a young patient: A case report

Yus A. Wibawa, Dwi Ariawan, Arfan Badeges

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Introduction: Ameloblastoma is a slow-growing, epithelial odontogenic benign tumor which is aggressive and locally invasive. It is commonly seen in the posterior lower jaw and is characterized by formation of dental embryonic residual. The etiology of ameloblastoma might be related to odontogenic cyst epithelial layer, dental lamina, enamel organ, stratified squamous epithelium of the oral cavity, or displaced epithelial residual. Many cases of ameloblastoma have been reported to have residual epithelial residues originally degenerated from dentigerous cysts. Case report: Here we reported the surgical management of ameloblastoma mimicking a dentigerous cyst. A 14-year-old girl complained of experiencing swelling in the lower right jaw for one year. The lesion was hard and cystic with a well-defined border. She had no pain. Color and temperature of the lesion were equal to color and temperature of the surrounding tissue. There was no history of trauma and toothache and no pus or bloody discharge. Initial diagnosis was a dentigerous cyst and the patient underwent surgical enucleation of the mass followed by extraction of the involved teeth under general anesthetic. Histopathological examination of the removed specimen revealed a plexiform ameloblastoma pattern. Conclusion: Ameloblastoma is a locally malignant tumor requiring enucleation and/or curettage and resection. Long-term follow-up is necessary to rule out recurrent tumor.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationClinical Reports in Dentistry
PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
Number of pages8
ISBN (Electronic)9781536173291
ISBN (Print)9781536173284
Publication statusPublished - 3 Apr 2020


  • Ameloblastoma
  • Enucleation
  • Mandible


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