Longing for Freedom in Sayyid Quthb’s Poem Akhi Anta Hurrun Waraa Al-Sudud

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A literary work is a repress entation of a character who lived in his time. A literary work usually represents the feelings and conditions of the writer at that time. Among the productive writers was Sayyid Quthb who had a balanced and adequate educational background, both in terms of religious and general education. Sayyid Qutb's life journey significantly changed his outlook. One of his experiences made him join a group to defend the rights of oppressed citizens. One form of his contribution to this cause was writing the poem "Akhi Anta Hurrun Waraa Al-Sudud" to commemorate the events at that time. This article discusses the biography, education, works, and an analysis of sixteen lines from Sayyid Quthb's poem "Akhi Anta Hurrun Waraa Al-Sudud".
Original languageEnglish
JournalSunan Kalijaga: International Journal of Islamic Civilization
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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