Local Wisdom in Classical Persian Text

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The literary work of every nation is our window to witness the spirit of the nation. There are many ways in which various nations of the world share their taste, feelings, desires and wishes, one of them is especially through literary works. These are conveyed in theater, tragedy, comedy, and also through the medium of stories and fairy tales, as well as poetry. The Persians chose poetry as the best medium to explore the taste of their inner nature. Local wisdom, also called hereditary cultural heritage, is formed by nature and habitus in the arena of oral and written culture. Word "wisdom" implies a kind of firmness and conviction, and applies to anything solid and impenetrable, whether material or spiritual. Wisdom also is the science in which the facts of things are discussed, as they are in the soul of al-Amr as much as human power and ability. The subject of wisdom is matter of things outside and in the mind, its usefulness is the attainment of perfection in life, salvation and goodness. Knowing the local wisdom of other nations can make us feel the cultural values of the nation. This paper there are several examples of poetry and prose from Persian classical writers those contain the meaning of local wisdom. The purpose of this research is to assess and reveal the local wisdom in classical Persia literary works with qualitative approach and method obtaining data based on library methodology.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Review of Humanities Studies (IRHS)
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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