Lipid profiles of acute coronary syndrome patients hospitalized in ICCU of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.

Daulat Manurung

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AIM: to see which component of the triad lipid that has more important role and frequently found in patients with acute coronary syndrome, focusing on HDL cholesterol. METHODS: a lipid profile study has been conducted in 391 patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), who have been hospitalized in ICCU of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital since January 1st, 2001 - December 31st, 2005. RESULTS: there were 294 male patients (75.2%) and 97 female patients (24.8%), from 25-89 years age group, with mean value 57.35 +/- 11.05. The mean value of total cholesterol level was 205.23 mg/dl +/- 54.84. The LDL cholesterol level was 136.16 mg/dl +/- 47.29. The mean HDL cholesterol level was 42.84 mg/dl +/- 10.28, mean triglycerides level was 157.25 mg/dl +/- 100.16. There were 82 patients (21%) with high total cholesterol (> 240 mg/dl), 102 patients (26.1%) with high and very high LDL cholesterol level (> 160 mg/dl), 152 (38.6%) patients with low HDL cholesterol level (< 40 mg/dl), consisted of 126 male patients or 42.9% of total male patients, 26 female patients or 26.8% of total female patients. The number of patients with high / very high triglycerides level (> 200 mg/dl or 500 mg/dl) was 84 patients (21.5%). The number of patients with optimal lipid level, total cholesterol level < 200 mg/dl was 191 patients (48.8%); 82 patients (21%) had LDL cholesterol level < 100 mg/dl, 23 patients (5.9%) had HDL cholesterol level > 60 mg/dl, 226 patients (57.8%) had triglycerides level < 150 mg/dl. There were 260 patients with atherogenic lipid profile (64%), 135 patients with borderline lipid profile (34.5%), and optimal lipid profile was found only in 6 patients (1,5%). The mean value of HDL cholesterol level in male patients was 41.75 mg/dl +/- 9.9, while HDL cholesterol level in female patients was 46.16 mg/dl +/- 10.74. Principally, lipid profiles of all age groups were evenly distributed. ACS patients with history of family heart disease had a more atherogenic lipid profile compared to lipid profile of patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and cigarette smoking. CONCLUSION: atherogenic lipid profile is more common risk factor in ACS patients than in other non-lipid risk factors. This study also demonstrated that the atherogenic lipid is most commonly found in patient with low HDL cholesterol level and it is least frequently found in patient with optimal lipid profile.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)196-201
Number of pages6
JournalActa medica Indonesiana
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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