Muhammad Ali Mahdi, Tamara Adriani Salim

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This study focuses on system that can increase the reading interest of society and also help people especially in social foundation to get a better life. The purpose of this study is to find the right system which is appropriate with this project. The method used in this research is qualitative method. Data collection activities are conducted through observation and reading of journal articles. This study discusses the cooperation between library with related parties. Library will cooperate with donors, users, and social foundation in this project. This will have an impact to social foundation as an object for this project. The social foundation can funds and knowledge to develop itself. Library, donors, and users also get the impact from this project. This project does not harm any parties even it is beneficial for all parties which involved. System which are beneficial for all parties involved in a project which can be a long lasting project. The result of this project is the development of library as a place to seek knowledge and also do good to the needy. This research hopes to be an idea or innovation for library in running its function and also can be beneficial for the development of society.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventThe 9th Asia Library and Information Research Group (ALIRG) Workshop - TH, Khon Kaen, Thailand
Duration: 1 Jan 2017 → …


ConferenceThe 9th Asia Library and Information Research Group (ALIRG) Workshop
CityKhon Kaen
Period1/01/17 → …
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  • Charity, library, social foundation, donors


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