Hendrik, Soehartati Argadikoesoema, Zubairi Djoerban, Nurjati Chaerani Siregar, Evert DC. Poetiray

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Objective: To obtain survival and locoregional recurrence in patients with breast carcinoma (BC) based Methods: This study is a retrospective cohort study based
on the analysis of life and survival in 113 patients locoregional relapse in locally advanced breast cancer in Jakarta Breast Centre (JBC) and Department of
Radiotherapy Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital which receive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy in 2 arm groups, the first arm, who received neoajuvan chemoradiation (NACRT), surgery (breast conserving surgery [BCS] or radical mastectomy [RM]), and adjuvant chemotherapy, and the second, received surgery followed by chemotherapy and adjuvant radiotherapy, or vice versa.
Results: The 5-years overall survival rate of the first arm and the second arm was 64.7% and 72.9% respectively (p = 0.234; mean = 68.80% ), and all subjects became operable after NACRT administration and followed by BCS in 17 (40.48%) subjects. The 5-years overall survival rate in first arm subjects who received BCS and RM was 91.7% and 41.0% respectively (p = 0.024) while subjects who received paclitaxel and docetaxel respectively was 75.4% and 45.0% respectively (p = 0.167). Factors affecting prognosis of survival between the two arms
were tumor size (HR: 0.323; CI95% :0,14-0, 77) and estrogen receptor (HR: 0.292; CI95% :0,01-0, 86). Meanwhile, of the 113 subjects found the 5-years local recurrence rate of first arm and the second arm was 12.5% and 6.2% respectively (p = 0.559; mean = 9.35%), while 5-years regional recurrence rate was 0.0% and 7.1% (p = 0.166; mean = 3.35%). In this study there was no single factor that affects the local and regional recurrence. Conclusion: This study showed that the overall survival rates among both arms were comparable, with more subjects which received post-NACRT BCS and showed better overall survival in the 1st arm. This study also showed that the locoregional recurrence rates and local recurrence rate among both arms were comparable. The
locoregional recurrence rate were better than previous data. on treatment methods and find the best potential method of treatment for locally advanced BC.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalRadioterapi & Onkologi Indonesia
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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