Karakteristik dan Faktor-faktor Prediktif pada Tumor Testis Dewasa di Jakarta

Tri Endah Suprabawati, H. Rainy Umbas

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The aim of this research is to determine characteristics and predictive factors in adult testicular tumor in Jakarta

Analyzed the data were collected from urology departemen at Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital and Dharmais hospital medical records. The collected data were age, AFP, LDH, HCG, type of operation, type of tumor, type of therapy and staging and reviewed retrospectively. Data were analyzed by using ANOVA in SPSS 11.5 for correlation between age and stage, undescended testicle (UDT) and stage, serum marker in all cases as well as and stage, and correlation between AFP in non-seminomatous patients with stage.

During 10 years, 149 testicular tumors patients were registered, among these cases, 129 cases are adult patients and the range of age was 18-72 years old with mean of age was 33.03 years old. Type of tumors were seminoma 67 (51,9 %) patients, non-seminoma 50 (38.8 %) patients, non germinal 6(4,7 %) patients, unidentified 6 (4,7 %) patients. Eighty seven patients (67,4 %) underwent high ligation orchidectomy ivhile 23 (17,8 %) patients underwent transcrotal orchidectomy. Incidence of UDT patients was 13 (10,1%) patients. Most of the seminoma patients were diagnosed as stage 2c (36,9 %), and in non-seminoma was 3c (48.9 %). Chemotherapy was performed in 51 (39,5 %) patients, radiotherapy 24 (18,6 %) patients and 27 (20,9 %) patients refused to be treated, and 18 (14,0 %) patients were died before treatment due to poor condition. In this study, there was no significant correlation between age and stage. Seventy seven percent patient with UDT had advance stage compare to 66,7 % in non-UDT patients, however this was not statistically significant. Mean for LDH was 1785,35, and the LDH
Original languageIndonesian
JournalIndonesian Journal of Cancer
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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