Jadwal Imunisasi Anak Usia 0 - 18 tahun Rekomendasi Ikatan Dokter Anak Indonesia 2017

Hartono Gunardi, Cissy B Kartasasmita, Sri Rezeki S. Hadinegoro, Hindra Irawan Satari, Soedjatmiko, Hanifah Oswari, Hardiono D. Pusponegoro, Jose R.L Batubara, Arwin AP. Akib, Badriul Hegar Syarif, Piprim B. Yanuarso, Toto Wisnu Hendrarto

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Indonesia Pediatric Society (IPS) through Immunization Task Force released 2017 IPS Immunization Schedule Recommendation to replace the previous recommendation. The objective of the 2017 recommendation is to combine the previous IPS recommendation and Ministry of Health recommendation. It was made based on the availability of DTP-based combination vaccines (such as DTwP-HBHib or DTaP-HB-Hib-IPV) and the scarcity of certain vaccines, such as single DTaP or DTwP vaccine. In the new recommendation, monovalent hepatitis B vaccine need not to be given in the first month of age if the infant will be given combination vaccine containing hepatitis B and DTP; infants should have at least one dose IPV (inactivated polio vaccine) simultaneously with bOPV-3 and DTP-3; DTwP is recommended to be administered at age of 2, 3 and 4 months. Influenza immunization could be given in the form of either trivalent or quadrivalent inactive influenza vaccine. MMR vaccine can be administered at age of 12 months if measles vaccine has not been given in age 9 months. Two doses of HPV vaccine is sufficient for female adolescents age 10-13 years; antibody respons after two doses is not inferior to the three dose regiment. Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is recommended to be given to infants aged 12 months who live in endemic area or for tourist traveling to endemic area. Dengue vaccine is recommended to children age 9-16 years with 0, 6 dan 12 month schedule. Timely immunization according to recommendation will protect Indonesian children from vaccine-preventable diseases.
Original languageIndonesian
Pages (from-to)417-422
JournalSari Pediatri
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2017


  • immunization, doses, vaccine

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