Investigation of yogyakarta dialect's vocabulary in Areas of Banyumas' Ngapak Dialect

Ratih Rahayu, Sri Munawarah

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As a language with widespread area, Javanese has variations of dialects, one of which is the Banyumas dialect (Ngapak dialect). The use of the Javanese language with the Banyumas dialect covers the area of Banyumas Residence, part of Pekalongan Residence, and part of the west of Kedu Residence. On the southeast side, the coverage of the Banyumas dialect area is limited to Kebumen Regency, where the dialect's influence can be traced in almost all of its subdistricts. However, the Yogyakarta dialectic element is still maintained in Mirit and Bonorowo subdistricts, which are administratively located near Purworejo, an area where Yogyakarta's dialect is commonly spoken. The question posed in this research is as follows: How is Yogyakarta dialect maintained in Mirit and Bonorowo against the influence of Banyumas's typical Ngapak dialect developed in Kebumen? The purpose of this research is to explain the influence of the Yogyakarta dialect, which is still spoken in Mirit and Bonorowo subdistricts. The data of this dialectology research were collected through field research (pupuan lapangan) by visiting participants directly on the field. The list of questions in the questionnaire of this dialectology research in Kebumen Regency comprises two parts. The first part contains questions about the identity of the participants (name, origin, age, address, and occupation), and the second contains linguistic questions comprising the 200 words of Swadesh's basic vocabulary and 25 words of basic culture vocabulary. The basic vocabulary of Swadesh is believed to exist in every language. As supporting material, the basic cultural vocabulary of the task word is used because they are considered difficult to change if other languages affect the language where the words belong. Thus, Swadesh's basic vocabulary and basic cultural vocabulary of task words are chosen in an attempt to present the authenticity of the language. The results indicate that vocabulary of the Yogyakarta dialect are used in the Mirit and Bonorowo subdistricts. The vocabulary is grouped based on the influence of the Yogyakarta dialectic elements that are observed, namely vocabulary ending with the phoneme [?], vocabulary ending with the phoneme [?], and special vocabulary only used in the two subdistricts.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSociolinguistics and Dialectological Studies in Indonesia
PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
Number of pages19
ISBN (Print)9781536197365
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jun 2021


  • Banyumas
  • Dialectology
  • Javanese language
  • Ngapak dialect


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