Integrated Islamic Philanthropy as a Solution to Elevate Society Welfareness: Case Study in Indonesia

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This article try to explore the Islamic Philanthropy activities in Indonesia by comparing with Philanthropy activities in several countries classified as middle east countries, USA and European countries. Then, analysed of those activities in order to achieved its funcions to elevate society welfareness in Indonesia. Methods of research of this article based on various literature of islamic philantropy, society welfareness and integrated activities of Islamic Philantropy. The conclusion of this articles there are some challenges to integrated Philantropy activities firstly, due to the bieliefs on preferences to chosed people who received the donations (mustahiq) based on the persons who have the sources of money, Secondly, In Alquran stated the list of the top priority of persons who have rights to recieved fund of zakat (mustahiq) are persons that have blood relationships of Muzakki (person who have sources of funds), thirdly, people cofident on the Body of ZIS (zakat, Infaq and Sadaqah) is lower. There are some limitations of this article that will become an opportunity for future research such as still have room in exploring this topics by using sample of data to generealize the conclusions, interviewed the governmental agency of ZIS, interviewed the Muzakki and Mustahiq to gained the perspectives.
Original languageIndonesian
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventProceeding 6th Southeast Asia International Islamic Philanthropy Conference - ID, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Duration: 1 Jan 2018 → …


ConferenceProceeding 6th Southeast Asia International Islamic Philanthropy Conference
Period1/01/18 → …


  • Integrated, Islamic Philantropy, society welfareness, Muzakki, Mustahiq

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