In retrospective, the gentle learning curve of unilateral laminectomy promotes favorable clinical outcomes

Mohamad Saekhu, K. M.A. Halim Habibi, Hanif G. Tobing, Wismaji Sadewo, Kevin Gunawan, David Tandian, Syaiful Ichwan, Renindra A. Aman, Samsul Ashari, Setyowidi Nugroho

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Background: The learning curve in implementing a new surgical procedure is often time-consuming and potentially comes with the additional risk of injury associated with an unusual surgical procedure, which may harm the patient. Aim: Evaluate intraoperative burden and neurologic recovery of spinal tumor resection following unilateral laminectomy procedures. Methods: Medical records of patients undergoing surgery for intradural spinal tumors from January 2015 to June 2020 were retrospectively reviewed. Preoperative and postoperative data were collected from medical records and interviews. The intraoperative burden was assessed by duration of surgery, estimated intraoperative blood loss (EIBL), and postoperative leukocyte count. Short-term and long-term outcomes were recorded. Data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics and Fisher's exact test. The neurological recovery rate is calculated by the Hirabayashi method, where a 75–100% score indicates an excellent neurological recovery. Results: Twenty-six records were included in this study. The mean duration of surgery was 180 (120–540) minutes, the mean EIBL was 175 (50 – 1,200) mL, and mean increase in postoperative leukocyte count was 5,670 (2,210 – 13,250) cells/mL, and the mean LOS was 6.5 (4 – 42) days. In 20 of 26 (76.9%) patients, gross total resection was achieved. An excellent neurological recovery rate was achieved in 81% of patients. Conclusion: Unilateral laminectomy procedures are adaptable without additional disadvantages, resulting in satisfactory clinical results.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101799
JournalInterdisciplinary Neurosurgery: Advanced Techniques and Case Management
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2023


  • Laminectomy
  • Learning curve
  • Recovery of function
  • Spinal neoplasms


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