Improving Wayfinding and Signage Systems of the Ragunan Zoo as a Way to Enhance Visitors' Quality Time

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Ragunan zoo is the biggest zoo in Jakarta that becomes one of the most favorite recreation areas during holidays. Unfortunately, the existing signage in the zoo does not provide simple wayfinding and good signage systems that resulted in the confusion of visitors in exploring the zoo. Beside recreation, zoo also functions as, educational and conservational areas. Confusing wayfinding and signage make visitors have less time to enjoy the exhibits and reduce visitors' motivation to fulfill the education and conservation goals. This paper analyzes existing wayfinding and signage systems at the Ragunan Zoo and proposes a more comprehensive system by using some basic principles of wayfinding and signage design. We collaborate with the management of the Ragunan Zoo in developing community park and conducted a field research between February and October 2017. The study includes analyzing visitor's movement patterns and mapping the location of animals and facilities as well as visitors' behavior in relation to wayfinding and connection to the environment. The method of this study is qualitative such as analyzing patterns of movement and connecting to environment. Field research and observation are also parts of the approach that our team use in order to map areas in the zoo, so that we understand the needs of both visitors and the management. The paper argues that by applying basic principles of wayfinding such as structuring space and information as well as good signage designs such as visual representation for the Ragunan Zoo, visitors will have more time to enjoy their visit and involve in education and conservation activities. 
Original languageEnglish
JournalASEAN Journal of Community Engagement
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 29 Dec 2017


  • Zoo, Wayfinding, Signage design, Ragunan


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