Improvement of software-assisted learning on management thinking skills

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This research was conducted as a response to poor learning experience and a lack of thinking skills which result in university students’ difficulties when attending classes and when doing their assignments. The students were then given some explanation concerning thinking skills just before the classes started. This strategy has been proven to be able to be effective. The objective of this research are to compare between the usage of software in 2008 and those in 2012 and to see its development on a serial basis. This study is designed using posttest only, without a control group, by using paired-categorical comparative quantitative research. Intervention was conducted by organizing a group laboratory activity by using software “Practicing Management Thinking Skills.” Data collection was conducted on a serial basis three times: after session, after courses, and a year after. The application of the software demonstrates that: (a) the results obtained in 2008 show a higher level of user-friendliness, efficiency during the learning process than those acquired in 2012, proving that this method was not efficient enough; (b) the results obtained in 2008 show a 90% increase in learning efficiency, while in the 2012 there is no clear data; (c) user-friendly learning facilities had been designed in the form of interactive programs, but the results of this method cannot yet be seen and generally require a thorough improvement. Software about thinking skills sessions have helped students to understand the best thinking skills which they can employ during classes, which must also be reinforced by creative learning methods. The software has been found to be in need of improvement in terms of efficiency, accessibility, and user-friendliness, and such improvement must be carried out in order to support the materials on Thinking Skills. We would also like to suggest further improvement of the software and more creative learning activities.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3777-3781
Number of pages5
JournalAdvanced Science Letters
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Accessibility
  • Efficiency
  • Management Thinking Skill
  • Software-Assisted Learning
  • User-Friendliness


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