Implementasi Tanggung Jawab Pialang Asuransi dalam Penyelesaian Klaim

Karin Amelia Safitri, Zefanya Oscar Mahaputra

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Implementation Of Liability Of Insurance Manufacturers In Completion Of Claim. The responsibility of insurance brokers is very important in providing an appropriate solution in identifying the risks that exist on the insured. As representatives of the insured, the responsibility of insurance brokers as representatives of the insured party is entitled to act in liaison between the insured party and the insurance company. This study aims to describe the responsibility of insurance brokers related to Law No.40 of 2014 on how to solve customer problems. The method used is qualitative method, to know the clear picture about the problems studied. Data collection by conducting in-depth interviews, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that the Insurance Brokers Company has carried out its duties and responsibilities to the insured party with the insurance company in accordance with the insurance policy that has been issued by the insurance company. The obstacles in its implementation, the handling of the settlement of claims of the insured with the insurance company is differentiated into internal and external factors, internal factors such as the delivery of expert attitude of PT XYZ Indonesia in dealing with clients who have different characters, the higher and the various needs the insured to the insurer through PT XYZ Indonesia, the lack of training held internally, especially for new employees, communication with the global client (outside Indonesia) is less effective due to limited time and distance with clients outside Indonesia and external factors such as insurance companies which sometimes can not provide 100% what brokers ask for.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalJurnal Administrasi Bisnis Terapan
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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