Identification of Work-related Diseases in Small-scale Fishermen in Batam Island, Indonesia

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Background: Small-scale fishermen's work activities are carried out in a marine environment which has the potential to cause certain work-related diseases. AIMS: This study aims to identify the incidence of work-related diseases among small-scale fishermen in Batam Island, Indonesia. Methods: This study used both quantitative and qualitative approaches involving 119 small-scale fishermen. Data was collected through questionnaires, observations, documentation, interviews, focus group discussions, and secondary data collection. Results: The results showed that all small-scale fishermen complained of diseases caused by threats in the chemical, physical, biological, psychological, and ergonomic factors group. Conclusion: Most fishermen complained about colds, fever, stings, blisters, skin allergies, and eye disorders/myopia. Most complaints were obtained from small-scale fishermen over 40 years old, especially the ones with smoking habits. Identification of work-related diseases was required to prevent and control the health problems that could endanger small-scale fishermen’s health and productivity.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere187494452304140
JournalOpen Public Health Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • Fisheries
  • Health problems
  • Myopia
  • Small-scale fishermen
  • Work-related diseases
  • Working environment


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