Hunayn bin Ishaq dan Sejarah Penerjemahan Ilmu Pengetahuan ke dalam Bahasa Arab

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This paper aims to trace the origin of translation of knowledge into Arabic, who was first to perform activities of translation, what is translated, and how to translate it. Started by providing detailed information about the activity of translation done by Arabs and translation models from each period, starting from the time of pre-Islamic, Islamic, Bani Ummayads, and Bani Abbasids. Followed by biography of Hunayn ibn Ishak, the first to play a role in translation of science into Arabic and the works or themes and models that first are translated. And conclude with a description of the existence of two theories of translation activity at the time, that is the first theory which argues that translation is the result of the activity of scientific activities undertaken by the Christians of Syria, whose fluent in Greek. The second theory found that translation activities aimed towards the wise ruler and open-minded.
Original languageIndonesian
JournalSusurgalur : Jurnal Kajian Sejarah dan Pendidikan Sejarah
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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