Ova Candra Dewi

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bstract This paper explains about the most influential facilities in the hospitality industry particularly restaurant
in Jakarta. In recent years, many restaurants compete with each other to survive the marketing competition.
Furthermore, in this digital era, having good branding on social media can be very helpful in the restaurant business.
Social media provides the most effective business marketing for the business, due to its speed and accuracy for
targeting the desired market segmentation. Perceiving this potential, the restaurant owners try to build good
branding in social media to construct the market expectations. Consequently, the physical environment as an
atmosphere element in a restaurant is critical to strengthen the restaurant branding on social media. It can improve
the quality of the atmosphere produced in order to create a satisfying visiting experience. Therefore, when the
expected amount of the visitors is reached, they will be driven to perform social media behavior (word of mouth).
This study describes the impact of word of mouth by restaurant visitors on social media created by the quality of
atmospheric attributes that will effectively affect the overall branding of the restaurant. In this study, the restaurants
with good social media reputation under different characteristics and concept in Jakarta have been selected as the
case studies. The aim to select them as case studies is to find a common thread of differences. The hypothesis made
of this study is that restaurants with harmonious atmospheric attributes can provide a satisfying experience for
visitors which can trigger social media behavior in enhance the branding. By analyzing the result of the field survey
and questionnaire to the visitors from each restaurant, it can be concluded that the 3 main keys (lighting, color,
style) determined the perception of the atmosphere. Because the ability of the atmosphere attributes in giving an
identity and convey the uniqueness of each restaurant that stimulate visitor’s good perception. Hence, word of
mouth will develop to form a perception and invite new visitors to come
Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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