Goals and Suggestions in Knowledge Map Development using SNA: A Literature Review

V. Suwiyanto, D. I. Sensuse

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As a non-ministerial government institution in charge of statistics, BPS-Statistics Indonesia must be able to provide quality statistical data through integrated and international standard statistical activities. Integrated statistical activities require a process of statistical activities that does not silo thinking. This silo thinking can be detrimental to BPS-Statistics Indonesia, especially in terms of overcoming the problem of statistical activities that have actually occurred in previous statistical activities. From these problems it is necessary to identify important knowledge that is useful to be able to be accessed and used as a lesson learned by other statistical activities. In Knowledge Management there is a tool to help identify important knowledge, namely Knowledge Map, which is assisted by analysis using the Social Network Analysis (SNA) technique. To solve the problem, BPS-Statistics Indonesia needs to conduct a study on the application of this knowledge maps with SNA technique. In this study, a study literature on knowledge maps with SNA was carried out. This literature study is in the form of Systematic Literature Review (SLR). From this literature study, an overview of the fields used as research subjects on knowledge maps with SNA, description of objectives and research suggestions currently used by researchers. This study found that the most used fields of research were non-business fields, especially in the fields of education and research. Findings regarding the purpose of the study are divided into making a design / framework or analyzing a problem. From the synthesis of SLR papers it was found that research on Knowledge Map with SNA, the purpose mostly to analyzing a problem. In this study it was also found that the suggestions for most subsequent research were suggestions for modification or refinement of research methods on knowledge maps with SNA. From these findings, BPS-Statistics Indonesia is expected to be able to take advantage and can make this literature study as the basis for the implementation of knowledge maps with SNA to solve the problem of silo thinking.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012036
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jan 2020
Event2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering Technology, ICCSET 2019 - Kudus, Indonesia
Duration: 29 Oct 2019 → …


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