Foreword from Handling Editor - 7th Edition

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We are delighted to present the 7th edition of AJCE, published in July 2020. We have selected twelve of the best articles for this edition, consisted of nine Research Articles, two Review Article, and one Case-Based Articles. These articles presented the valuable and interesting information with the broad ranges covering three sub-themes, i.e. education (young adult literature, cross-border development, self protection, developing community engagement with Social Life Cycle Assessment, Malay minorities), Economy (creative economy clinic, dairy cattle production), and Health (child health nutrition program, health education projects, empowering women in Covid-19, knowledge regarding Biliary Atresia).

We want to express our thanks to the reviewers who gave inputs and contributions to improve the quality of the articles. Our greatest thanks are also due to Azhar Firdaus for helping us with the publication process and to the Directorate of Administration, Data, and Management of Research Product and Innovation (DADPPRI UI) for providing a journal development grant and proofread assistance through Enago. Finally, we hope that readers enjoy the articles that we present in this edition.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jul 2020


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