First Pediatric Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy Clinic in Indonesia

Aryono Hendarto, Nina Dwi Putri, Dita Rizkya Yunita, Mariam Efendi, Mulya Rahma Karyanti, Hindra Irawan Satari, Sri Rezeki S. Hadinegoro, Monica Chan, ARI PRAYITNO

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Background: Infection remains a major pediatric health problem in Indonesia and usually leads to longer hospitalization due to the need for extended intravenous antibiotic administration. In developed countries, pediatric outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (P-OPAT) is well-established and proven to be safe and effective at reducing the length of hospital stay; however, data on low- and middle-income countries such as Indonesia remain limited. This P-OPAT service is new and the first service in Indonesia. Methods: The medical records of patients attending Indonesia's first P-OPAT clinic between April 2015 and March 2017 were retrospectively investigated. Results: During the 24-month period, 32 patients received treatment at the P-OPAT clinic, saving a total of 258 bed days. The majority of patients (n = 16; 50%) were diagnosed with urinary tract infection, followed by cellulitis (n = 4; 12.5%) and osteomyelitis (n = 4; 12.5%). Ceftriaxone was the most commonly used antibiotic (n = 16; 50%). All patients used a peripheral intravenous catheter and were sent home with this device. Twelve patients (37.5%) needed to change IV access more than once. None of the patients used elastomeric infusor device. The median duration of OPAT was 5 days (range 1–27 days). All patients were successfully treated with no recurrence after 30 days. One patient (3.1%) experienced drug-related complication and another one (3.1%) was readmitted due to an underlying medical condition. All the patients complied with P-OPAT schedules. Conclusions: P-OPAT service offers a safe and effective option for the delivery of outpatient intravenous antibiotics in selected patients even in resource-poor settings.

Original languageEnglish
Article number156
JournalFrontiers in Pediatrics
Publication statusPublished - 15 Apr 2020


  • antibiotic
  • ceftriaxone
  • Indonesia
  • outpatient
  • urinary tract infections


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