Family's experience in caring for clients with suicidal risk in indonesia

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Suicide is one of the psychiatric emergencies that require comprehensive care because individuals are at risk of endangering themselves, others and the surrounding. Suicide in Indonesia is increasing. Families have a major role in caring for clients and preventing suicide but family burdens have not been studied profoundly. The aim of the study was to get an overview of family experience of caring for clients with suicide risk. The research design was qualitative with descriptive phenomenology approach involving six participants. Data was collected by in depth interview and analyzed using Colaizzi method. The results of the study found five themes; suicide attempts is a complex burden for families, behavioral changes as a suicide sign, concern as a form of family and community support, family perceptions about the causes and consequences of attempted suicide and coping strategies of families overcoming the impact of attempted suicide. The results of the study recommend that the family as the front social unit of suicide prevention can be more sensitive to changes in the behavior of clients and nurses as counselors can provide interventions to improve the mental health status of clients and families such as health education, family psycoeducation therapy, stress management and self help group. The conclusion that can be drawn from the five themes above is the burden of the family who provide caring for the client with the risk of suicide is heavier when the family is unable to recognize the client's suicide signs so there is a need for a support system and constructive coping.

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JournalEnfermeria Global
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Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Client with suicidal risk
  • Cliente con riesgo suicida
  • Experiencia familiar
  • Family experience


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