Family Communication Pattern on Kinkeeper: Study of Netnography and Network Analysis on Extended Family's WhatsApp Group

Evirta Apriliani, Irwansyah

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The use of technology helps extended family members who don't live together to maintain a sense of connectedness in a social bond. In mantaining information among family members there is a person who is said to be a 'kinkeeper' who plays an important role in maintaining family ties. The purpose of this research is to know the pattern of family communication on kinkeeper in an extended family's virtual group in doing digital kinkeeping that form certain communication behaviour amongfamily member especially with intergeneration relation. Relationships within the extended family's virtual group are divided into intragenerational relationship, that contain relationships within one generation (siblings and cousins) and intergenerational relationship, that contain parent-child relationship, also uncles/ aunts and nephews. The behavior of family communication can be determined by family relationship type scheme. This type of family relationship scheme refers to two orientations, that is conversation orientation that emphasizes the freedom of family members in expressing thoughts and feelings on various topics and conformity orientation that emphasize the similarity or homogeneity of family attitudes, values, and beliefs. From these two orientations are generated four types of families with different communication behaviors, namely: consensual, pluralistic, protective and laissez-faire. This research uses netnography method with communication network analysis. The netnographic method used to find out the type of participation of family members in virtual group and communication networks analysis shows the relation between members in extended family's virtual group networks. The result of this study found that communication pattern within the extended family's WhatsApp group tend to be centralized by certain family members with an online participant type insider who has a pluralistic family communication pattern.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event1st Indonesia International Graduate Conference on Communication (IGCC) 2017 - ID, Depok, Indonesia
Duration: 1 Jan 2017 → …


Conference1st Indonesia International Graduate Conference on Communication (IGCC) 2017
Period1/01/17 → …


  • extended family’s virtual group, kinkeeper, family communication pattern, netnography, communication network analysis.


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