Faktor-faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Kesintasan Pasien Kanker Serviks yang Ditatalaksana dengan Histerektomi Radikal dan Limfadenektomi

Sigit Purbadi, R.m. Ali Fadhly

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Cervical cancer is the 4th most comkon cancer in the world and ranked 2nd in Indonesia. The survivalrate of cervical cancer patients is the parameter of quality of care. This study was intended to determinefactors associated with survival rate of cervical cancer patients treated by radical hysterectomy andlymphadenectomy. This retrospective cohort study was conducted in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital onAugust 2015 – August 2016. Subjects were early stage cervical cancer patients who underwent radicalhysterectomy and lymphadenectomy on January 2011 – December 2013. Analyzed variables were cancerstages, histopathology, tumour size, tumor differentiation, stromal invasion, lymphovascular and parametrium,pelvic lymph nodes, surgical margin, and its association with survival rate. Data were analyzed with SPSSversion 20 by using chi-square test, stepwise cox-regression test, and Kaplan-Meier test. Of all 123 subjectswith cervical cancer, only 50 subjects were eligible to be analyzed further. The survival rate of cervical cancerpatients within 7 years and 2 months with maximum observation were 75%; 1-year survival rate was 90%and 3-year survival rate 88%. Stages, size, and tumour differentiation, histopathology, pelvic lymph nodes,surgical margin, lymphovascular invasion and parametrium were not associated with survival rate. However,stromal invasion and radiotherapy were associated with survival rate. In conclusion, factors associatedwith survival rate are stromal invasion with less than two-third area which represents the tumour size andradiotherapy which is needed for high-risk patients post-surgery (better survival rate). Further studies areneeded to determine other prognostic factors in early stages cervical cancer patients such as the expressionof stem cell factors (SOX4, NANOG, and OCT 4).
Original languageEnglish
JournaleJournal Kedokteran Indonesia
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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