Factors Affecting Renal Function on Ileostomy in Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital: a Cross-sectional study

Lam Sihardo, Agi S. Putranto

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Introduction. Every year, about 30—60 ileostomy with various underlying diseases and indications were created in Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital (CMGH). There were a lot of complications attributable to these creations; one is the decline of renal function. The study goal was to find out factors influencing the renal function of ileostomy in CMGH.

Method. A cross-sectional study was conducted using medical records in April – May 2021. Samples were taken using the purposive sampling method. Inclusion criteria include male or female patients who underwent ileostomy closure in CMGH in the last four years with complete BMI, ileostomy creation and closure, serum creatinine, and estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Patients with underlying renal dysfunctions were excluded. The data were analyzed using univariate and bivariate analysis. Spearman’s test was used to analyze the correlation.

Results. There were 55 subjects enrolled in the study. BMI (peGFR = 0.044; pcreatinine = 0.015), time of ileostomy closure (peGFR = 0.014; pcreatinine = 0.012), and high output ileostomy (peGFR = 0.032; pcreatinine = 0.018) were statistically significant as risk factor diminishing the renal function. The correlation analysis showed that time of ileostomy closure was significantly different for eGFR and serum creatinine values with p = 0.039 (r = -0.279) and p = 0.021(r = 0.310), respectively.

Conclusion. In the study, factors that affect critical renal function in ileostomy were high output ileostomy, time of ileostomy closure, and body mass index. Hydration status, underlying disease, and age did not affect the diminished renal function.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3-7
JournalThe New Ropanasuri Journal of Surgery
Publication statusPublished - 30 Dec 2021


  • Ileostomy
  • high output
  • dehydration
  • time of closure
  • renal function


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