Evolusi dan Adaptasi Gerakan Kebangsaan Orang Papua: dari Nasionalisme ke Etnonasionalisme

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Papuan social, cultural and political resistance, especially the recent movement of Papuan students and youth (August-September 2019) which is affect as a loss of dignity of Papuan constructed by non-Papuan in some cities in Java was not an unpredictable occurrence. Edwars Lorenz’s theory of Chaos and Peter Ho’s theory of Black Elephant have been giving any clear academical framework to illustrate what will be happened. After academician such as Manuel Castells, Will Kymlica, etc. also have been giving other big picture of academical framework about what have been done, what is still moving, and what will be happen in term of connectivity of social, cultural, and political among Papuan, Central Government, and non-Papuan in Indonesia. Moreover, what is happened, Nassim Nicholas Taleb has been introducing theory of Black Swan for analyzed any shocking elements which will be occurred if an integration effort in term of peace and democratic ways are not giving a win-win solution. In this paper, how to analyzing kind of theories related to the issues of Papuan agitation has been explained in clear sequences.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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