Evaluation and Characterization of Hard-Shell Capsules Formulated by Using Goatskin Gelatin

Zilhadia Zilhadia, Yahdiana Harahap, Irwandi Jaswir, Effionora Anwar

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Gelatin is used as an additive in medicine, food, and cosmetics. Gelatin from goatskin is a new excipient that has not been explored by researchers, including for hard-shell capsules. The aim of this study was to evaluate and characterize the hard-shell capsules produced from goatskin gelatin. The goatskin gelatin was extracted by an acid hydrolysis method, and the functional properties were investigated. Hard-shell capsules were then produced from goatskin gelatin, evaluated, and characterized. The gelatin extracted from goatskin had 56.9% ± 0.95 clarity and a pH of 5.11 ± 0.09, 97.51% ± 1.1 protein content, 9.23% ± 0.08 water content, 0.18% ± 0.07 ash content, 2.08% ± 0.35 fat content, gel strength of 298 ± 2.64 gbloom, and viscosity of 27.33 ± 2.07 mPs. The gelatin has met the requirements to be made into hard-shell capsules. The average weight of the hard-shell capsules produced was 96.9 mg with 8.69 standard deviation. The average size of the body and cap length was 18.84 ± 0.64 mm and 10.98 ± 0.30 mm, respectively. The results of capsule evaluation and characterization were as follows: the pH was 4.82 ± 1,27, water content was 10.03 ± 0.21, disintegration time was 4.02 ± 2.09 min, and there was no microbial growth. Thus, the capsules made have met the requirements and can be produced in a large quantity.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4416
Issue number20
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2022


  • gelatin
  • goatskin
  • hard-shell capsule


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