Electromagnetic production of the hypertriton

T. Mart, L. Tiator, D. Drechsel, C. Bennhold

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Kaon photoproduction on 3He, γ + 3He → K+ + 3ΛH, is studied in the framework of the impulse approximation. Realistic 3He wave functions obtained as solutions of Faddeev equations with the Reid soft-core potential are used along with different 3ΛH wave functions. Results are compared for several elementary operator models, which can successfully describe the elementary kaon production off the proton up to a photon lab energy of k = 2.2 GeV. It is found that the corresponding cross sections are small, of the order of several nanobarns. It is also shown that the influence of Fermi motion is important, while the effect of different off-shell assumptions on the cross section is not too significant.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)235-258
Number of pages24
JournalNuclear Physics A
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 14 Sept 1998


  • Hypertriton
  • Impulse approximation
  • Kaon photoproduction


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