Electrocatalytic Properties of Ni-Doped BaFe12O19 for Oxygen Evolution in Alkaline Solution

Mohammad Khotib, Bambang Soegijono, Zainal Alim Mas'ud, Komar Sutriah

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Transition metal oxide (TMO) continues to be studied and developed as an oxygen evolution reaction (OER) electrocatalyst due to its abundance and low price. The aim of this experiment was to evaluate Ni2+-doped BaFe12O19 (BHF) as an OER electrocatalyst in an alkaline medium. BHF and Ni-doped BHF was synthesized through a low temperature coprecipitation technique followed by a calcination process at 750oC for 4 h. Diffractograms of the BHF and the Ni-doped BHF indicated a single phase on the synthesized BHF and formed Fe2O3 impurities on the Ni-doped BHF. SEM images showed a homogenous plate-shaped particles in the BHF, while the Ni-doped BHF had larger inhomogeneous particles. Ni dopant increased OER electrocatalytic activity of BHF based on overpotential on specific current density. The Ni-doped BHF had comparable activity to some metallic oxides based on their overpotential values at specific current density value.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1382-1392
Number of pages11
JournalOpen Chemistry
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2020


  • BHF
  • co-precipitation
  • Ni-doped BHF
  • OER electrocatalyst


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