Ecolabel as policy instruments to promote green purchasing behavior and a response to climate change

Herdis Herdiansyah, Aloysius Suratin, Retty D. Handayani

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Ecolabel has an essential role in promoting green-consumption. This study aims to identify the preferred alternatives in the implementation of green purchasing behavior policy. The green economy reflected a solution for the critical situation affected by economic activities. Ecolabel implementation is a way to apply purchasing behavior shifting and encourages the consumer to consider the environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, ecolabel is an alternative option back when climate change has become a global issue that requires significant treatment. The alternatives presented are creating a market of ecolabel product, establishing regulation and government intervention by providing incentives to research and development activities. The study uses AHP method to determine the priority of some strategies. The hierarchy distributes criteria and alternatives into three levels. The study sets four criteria (benefit, opportunity, cost, and risk) and conducts the pair wise comparison to calculate the network analysis. The assessments involve several aspects on different dimensions. The model illustrated reasonable and applicable solutions for the case. The summary of the study determined that a creating market becomes the first option by 60.88%, providing incentives to the research and development program as the second choice by 19.93% and establishing regulation is the latest strategy by 19.20%. Meanwhile, the rank of the criteria sequentially is opportunity (57.13%), benefit (25.68%), risk (10.95%) and cost (6.30%). Finally, the research supports the assumption that consumer awareness about ecolabel products implementation is the preferred strategy to minimize climate change effect. The government could encourage the private sector to enhance the product knowledge through a massive public campaign, through social media, both formal and informal education activity and involving celebrities in the campaign program.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)135-140
Number of pages6
JournalQuality - Access to Success
Issue number171
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2019


  • Ecolabel
  • Green economy
  • Indonesia
  • Purchasing behavior
  • Sustainability

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