Dual-wideband band pass filter using folded cross-stub stepped impedance resonator

Teguh Firmansyah, Supriyanto Praptodinoyo, Romi Wiryadinata, Suhendar Suhendar, Siswo Wardoyo, Alimuddin Alimuddin, Cindy Chairunissa, Mudrik Alaydrus, Gunawan Wibisono

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In this letter, a dual-wideband band pass filter (DW-BPF) using cross-stub stepped impedance resonator (CS-SIR) was simulated, fabricated, and measured accordingly. The CS-SIR was used to replace the conventional half-wavelength open stub resonators. Compare to the conventional resonator, the CS-SIR resonator has a wider fractional bandwidth and ease of fabrication. Furthermore, the DB-BPF was fabricated on microstrip with ɛr = 4.4, h = 0.8 mm, and tan δ = 0.0265. The DW-BPF with CS-SIR achieves transmission-coefficients/fractional-bandwidth of 0.22 dB/94.19% and 1.87 dB/33.52% at 1.14 GHz and 2.31 GHz, respectively. In order to reduce the filter size, a folded CS-SIR (FCS-SIR) was also proposed. As a result, this BPF size was reduced to 53%, with the BPF size of 0.30 λG 2 and 0.14 λG 2 for DW-BPF with CS-SIR and DW-BPF with folded CS-SIR, respectively. The λG is the wavelength at the first frequency. Further, the DW-BPF with FCS-SIR achieves transmission coefficients/fractional bandwidth of 0.19 dB/89.08% and 1.29 dB/31.90% at 1.21 GHz and 2.41 GHz, respectively. Measured results are in a very good agreement with the simulated results.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2929-2934
Number of pages6
JournalMicrowave and Optical Technology Letters
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2017


  • dual-wideband band pass filter
  • stepped impedance resonator
  • transmission zero


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