Diksi Perpisahan dalam Puisi Li Bai dan Du Fu

Ramadhani Anugrah Setiani, Rahadjeng Pulungsari Hadi

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


This article discusses the meaning contained in the farewell poems by two famous poets of the Tang dynasty, Li Bai and Du Fu. Research on farewell poems has been carried out by western scholars. However, as far as the author's knowledge, there are not many scholars from Indonesia who have specifically examined it. This also made the writer choose Li Bai and Du Fu as the main characters in writing this scientific paper. Therefore, the author tries to provide an adequate description of the meaning contained in the farewell poems by Li Bai and Du Fu which were examined through diction. In this writing, the author will take a parting poem, three poems by Li Bai and three poems by Du Fu. Then, the author will try to translate it into Indonesian first so that it can analyze each diksinya. The diction analysis will produce denotative and connotative meanings that will describe the meaning in each poem. The purpose of this study is to provide an explanation to the reader about the meaning contained in each farewell poem by Li Bai and Du Fu and contribute to Chinese literature, especially poetry. After the diction analysis is done, the red thread found in each poem is found, namely longing.
Keywords: Li Bai, Du Fu, Chinese Poetry, Separation, Diction, Longing.
Original languageIndonesian
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2019

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