Digital Capitalism: Logic of Capitalism Practice in the Context of Communication Technology in Industry 4.0

Yudhi Mahatma, Irwansyah

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Digitalization is a certainty. Digitalization has become the main communication requirement in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and the world is experiencing fundamental changes in human ways of living and working. Relations between humans have also significantly changed. In the previous era, information was loaded and exchanged in analog form; today, it is communicated by digital means. Individuals create networks that are interconnected through digital technology on the internet. Information has become the glue of the networked society. Individuals must join the network if they want to stay connected with other parties. A central priority in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is avoiding being left behind by the progress of the communications technology industry. However, as members of the networked society, we have the right to question the referral and future direction of the goals of digital technology. This study examines the workings of digital capitalism from the perspective of communication technology in industry 4.0. Using a meta-analytical approach, the article begins with an explanation of some perspectives of digital capitalist concepts, which is then corroborated by findings concerning specific categories in the great narrative of digital capitalism. That analysis is followed by a discussion of the practice of digital capitalism on both the national and global scales and an exploration of future opportunities, including the impacts of digital capitalism in network communities. Humanitarian interests must be at the center of technology such that it belongs to all people and is not monopolized by some parties.


  • Digital
  • Capitalism
  • Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Networks Society
  • Technology
  • Communication


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