Diet and inflammatory bowel disease: The Asian Working Group guidelines

Ajit Sood, Vineet Ahuja, Saurabh Kedia, Vandana Midha, Ramit Mahajan, Varun Mehta, Ritu Sudhakar, Arshdeep Singh, Ajay Kumar, Amarender Singh Puri, Bailuru Vishwanath Tantry, Babu Ram Thapa, Bhabhadev Goswami, Banchha Nidhi Behera, Byong Duk Ye, Deepak Bansal, Devendra Desai, Ganesh Pai, Ghulam Nabi Yattoo, Govind MakhariaHasitha Srimal Wijewantha, Jayanthi Venkataraman, K. T. Shenoy, Manisha Dwivedi, Manoj Kumar Sahu, Meenakshi Bajaj, Murdani Abdullah, Namrata Singh, Neelanjana Singh, Philip Abraham, Rajiv Khosla, Rakesh Tandon, S. P. Misra, Sandeep Nijhawan, Saroj Kant Sinha, Sawan Bopana, Sheela Krishnaswamy, Shilpa Joshi, Shivram Prasad Singh, Shobna Bhatia, Sudhir Gupta, Sumit Bhatia, Uday Chand Ghoshal

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Introduction: These Asian Working Group guidelines on diet in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) present a multidisciplinary focus on clinical nutrition in IBD in Asian countries. Methodology: The guidelines are based on evidence from existing published literature; however, if objective data were lacking or inconclusive, expert opinion was considered. The conclusions and 38 recommendations have been subject to full peer review and a Delphi process in which uniformly positive responses (agree or strongly agree) were required. Results: Diet has an important role in IBD pathogenesis, and an increase in the incidence of IBD in Asian countries has paralleled changes in the dietary patterns. The present consensus endeavors to address the following topics in relation to IBD: (i) role of diet in the pathogenesis; (ii) diet as a therapy; (iii) malnutrition and nutritional assessment of the patients; (iv) dietary recommendations; (v) nutritional rehabilitation; and (vi) nutrition in special situations like surgery, pregnancy, and lactation. Conclusions: Available objective data to guide nutritional support and primary nutritional therapy in IBD are presented as 38 recommendations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)220-246
Number of pages27
JournalIndian Journal of Gastroenterology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2019


  • Diet
  • Dietary practices
  • Guidelines
  • Inflammatory bowel disease


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