Dialektika Cinta dalam Tujuh Lembah Mantiq al-Thayr Karya Fariduddin Atthar al-Neisyaburi

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Fariduddin Atthar Neyshaburi inherited a treasure trove of thoughts and vast knowledge in the fields of wisdom, philosophy, theology, interpretation, medicine, pharmacology, astronomy and hadith. The relationship between Creator and creation is the main thing that is the subject of discussion in his works. In his view, man as the last being created is a combination of the divine spirit and the body of the universe. Atthar's philosophical point of view is the view of his Sufistic thoughts about God, creation, lust, love, perfection, human relations and god, spirit and body to the Wahdat al Wujud. This article will explain the stages of the journey made by the birds to the seven valleys and relate the general of Atthar's Sufi thinking about Divine love in one of his works, Mantiq al Thayr. This paper is the result of research using a descriptive analytical method with a structural approach that examines the intrinsic elements found in the corpus.The dialogue symbolized by birds as an effort to uncover the meaning of love which is the biggest secret in life and continues to be hidden with the world. He divided the seven stages to arrive at divine love which he called the seven lands of love and seven valleys or oases to arrive at the degree of perfection of the Sufi order.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS)
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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