Development system on integrated regional building permit policy to enhance green building life cycle achievement

Mohammed Ali Berawi, Van Basten, Yusuf Latief, Igor Crévits

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Green building is a friendly environment building concept that can answer the problems of the negative impact of buildings on environmental sustainability both at this time and in the future. At the beginning of the development of a green building, there were relatively many challenges experienced specifically to begin the adaptation of changing concepts from conventional to the concept of green building by stakeholders building buildings specifically by building tenant and building management. This study aims to identify the targets expected by the building stakeholders for the success of the green building concept, especially in the operational and maintenance phases of the building. This research was carried out with a qualitative and quantitative method approach. In-depth interviews are used to identify and validate the initial performance variables expected by tenants and building management from the implementation of green building. The quantitative stage for survey respondents knows the expected performance characteristics during the operation and maintenance period of the building. This study resulted in several recommendations including local and regional building policies affecting the leverage of tenants and building management for the implementation of green building that had been planned and built. The main targets that influence the ability to implement the concept are the efficiency of resources for building operations and maintenance, which include the use of energy and water. Final validation was carried out with the qualitative method by appointing several experts to assess the results of respondents' surveys where they agreed with the results because technology and policies were relatively developed to regulate the use of energy and water resources in buildings. Besides that, the direct management of the building was also felt when the building was saved, this became an achievement for the building they managed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)240-245
Number of pages6
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2020


  • Building life cycle
  • Green building
  • Regional policy


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