Development of E-government through Public-Private Partnerships in Indonesia

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The application of information and
communication technology (ICT) is a phenomenon that
permeates many aspects of government practices since the
end of the last century. E-government has been growing
rapidly following the development of E-commerce. More
than the application of ICT, international aid agencies expect
that E-government can be a tool for the governance
transformation efforts in developing countries. Government
of Indonesia’s initiative to develop E-government has been
strengthened in various government policies since 2001. The
Indonesian government has set up many programs to keep
pace in the field of E-government. Basically, the government
is aware of the constraints of priority in public finance, lack
of technology and human resources. Therefore, since 2001 the
government has initiated the development of E-government
through public-private partnerships. However, apart from
the aspects of ICT and capital, as well as the availability of
human resources, the implementation of public-private
partnerships in the development of E-government has not
been held smoothly. Developing E-government through
public-private partnerships could potentially be facing
institutional barriers. Therefore, the implementation of Egovernment in Indonesia, which is expected to be done by a
public-private partnership schemes are susceptible to
situations of uneasy. Inequality in institutional arrangements
has been slowing the progress of the program. So, the two
parties have not yet able to achieve greater benefits from the
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDevelopment of E-government through Public-Private Partnerships in Indonesia
PublisherAtlantis Press
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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