Dakwah, Sosmed, and The Presence: Islamic Dakwah Through INSTAGRAM in @rbayuaji account

Tantry Widiyanarti, Munawar Holil, Erpy Reinita

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


In the era of digitalization as it is today, gadgets are so popular as if it became a staple in the community. Gadgets make things a lot easier in people's lives. Gadgets are not only used to strengthen friendship but also can be used to sell products, provide info about news, even also used as a medium in dakwah. As a result many people, especially young people, are lazy to find information by reading books. Likewise in the field of religion, many young people are reluctant to read religious books and read al-quran. They are more active to play their social media accounts than to study religion. Therefore, using social media accounts such as instagram to distribute Islamic-themed content, is a new alternative to providing positive religious information. This article tries to see how medsos (instagram) is used as a way of preaching that targets young people. The research method used qualitatively with data collection techniques to observe on @ rbayuaji account to see how Islamic content is shared through the media. After that the data is interpreted by using Rolland Barthes semiotics theory. The results show that this account provides information to the public about Islamic-themed studies: from fragments of hadiths to commandments of worship. Photos or pictures shared have their own characteristics. Interesting things like this are discussed in this article.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventThe 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS) - ID, Jakarta, Indonesia
Duration: 1 Jan 2018 → …


ConferenceThe 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS)
Period1/01/18 → …


  • Dakwah, Islam, Instagram, @Rbayuaji, Social Media


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