Critical success factors for mobile health implementation in Indonesia

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Purpose: Mobile-based technology health services in Indonesia are experiencing significant growth. However, the implementation of m-health in Indonesia is at a stand-still because the numbers of users or medical personnel who use m-health applications are still low. Given this fact, this study aims to identify critical success factors (CSFs) in the implementation of a mobile health applications in Indonesia. This research covers the following four dimensions: system quality, information quality, service quality, and organizational. Method: This study uses a quantitative research approach with the entropy method to analyze system quality, information quality, and service quality, and it uses a qualitative approach for the organizational dimension. A total of 127 respondents completed the questionnaire (quantitative approach) and interviews were performed with three personnel from the Social Security Agency for Health (BPJS-K) (qualitative approach). Results: The highest weights for each dimension were as follows: ease of access for the system quality dimension; adequate and relevant information for the information quality dimension; user service convenience for the service quality dimension; and top management support for the organizational dimension. Conclusions: Based on the results of this study, the regulator, health facilities management, and mobile health provider should ensure a long-term commitment to support the implementation of mobile health applications. In order to reach a wider market, all mobile health applications should be as user friendly as possible for the patients.

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