Counseling of exclusive breastfeeding during antenatal care (ANC) and perceptions of insufficient milk supply

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Background: Perceptions of Insufficient Milk Supply (PIM) is the mother's thoughts or feelings about the condition of the absence or reduction in milk production. She felt that her breast milk is not enough to satisfy the needs of the baby. PIM was the main reason mothers stop breastfeeding early and a reason to give extra food early on the baby. Prevalence of PIM is not certain, it is estimated between 30-80% of breastfeeding mothers has PIM.
Objectives: This study aimed to find out the most dominant factors related to PIM.
Methods: Design of this study using cross-sectional. The numbers of samples in this study were 71 samples of mothers with babies’ 0-6 months exclusive breastfeeding failure due to experiencing PIM.
Results: Found as many as 59 (83.1%) mothers had PIM with enough milk. There is a significant correlation counseling exclusive breastfeeding during Antenatal Care (ANC) by PIM that has enough milk, mothers who did not receive counseling when the ANC likely to have 19.7 times PIM, p = 0.012; OR = 19.746 (95% CI 1.926 to 202.456).
Conclusion: Exclusive Breastfeeding counseling during ANC quality does health personnel in preparation for breastfeeding implement a very important thing. Utilization of “Gathering of speech” in the concept of 10 T in the ANC should be effected to discuss preparation for lactation.

KEYWORDS: exclusive breastfeeding, perceptions of insufficient milk supply
Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Gizi dan Dietetik Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics)
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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