Contemporary research in accounting: An Indonesian context

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This book, “Contemporary Research in Accounting: An Indonesian Context,” will lead its readers to explore an oasis of contemporary research on accounting at the backdrop of an emerging giant-Indonesia. Written by prominent researchers at Universitas Indonesia, the topmost Business School in Indonesia, as well as a manifold of researchers from other top-ranked universities and institutions, this book provides immense assistance for the readers to gain how various research methods are implemented in contemporary accounting topics. Moreover, this book may cater to the interests of accounting practitioners and consultants too in understanding a wide range of most-recent accounting issues in both public and private sectors, particularly in the following areas: 1. Financial and management accounting: This chapter features contemporary issues in the core topics of accounting. Articles discussing accounting practices in commercial sectors are presented in this chapter including case studies on time-driven activity-based cost in an airline company and cost allocation at an automotive company. Interestingly, this chapter also brings special attention to financial and management accounting practices in Indonesian public sector, such as intangible asset management, livestock accounting, strategic and budget planning, accounting for revenue and public facilities in several ministerial offices. 2. Auditing and taxation: Various novel studies in contemporary auditing and taxation topics are presented in this chapter, including analysis on the implementation of tax allowance and tax holiday on investment activities, tax avoidance of shariah-compliant firms and non-shariah compliant firms, as well as tax audit findings analysis on oil and gas industry. 3. Governance and internal control: Internal control is an imperative bedrock to establish good governance. Discussion on the two topics is of interest of this chapter. Articles covered in the chapter include internal control analysis over the legal liabilities financial reporting procedure at a ministerial office, accountability practices at a social insurance organization, and implementation of the anti-fraud strategy We hope fellow researchers from qualitative and quantitative streams, students with a thirst for knowledge, resourceful librarians, and lifelong practitioner learners find this book as a solid grounding of highly relevant contemporary accounting topics, particularly within the context of Indonesia.

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PublisherNova Science Publishers, Inc.
Number of pages330
ISBN (Electronic)9781536166446
ISBN (Print)9781536162790
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019


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