Comparison of point-of-care and central laboratory analyzers for blood gas and lactate measurements

Nuri Dyah Indrasari, Jessica Purwanti Wonohutomo, Ninik Sukartini

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Background: Blood gas analysis and blood lactate measurement have important roles in patient management. Point-of-care (POC) testing simplifies and provides rapid blood gas and lactate measurements. This study aimed to compare pH, pCO 2 , pO 2 , and lactate measurements between a POC device and a benchtop blood gas analyzer typically used in a hospital central laboratory, and to evaluate the inter-device variability of the POC device. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted with a sample size of 100. Each sample was measured for pH, pCO 2 , pO 2 , and lactate using a Nova pHOx plus L ® benchtop blood gas analyzer in the central laboratory and an i-STAT ® handheld POC device. The results of both devices were compared using Pearson or Spearman correlation coefficients and Bland-Altman tests. Testing of the inter-device variability was done by using three different i-STAT ® devices, and the results were compared statistically. Results: Strong correlations were observed for all test results. In Bland-Altman analysis, ≥95% of the results were within the limits of agreement, with the exception of lactate, which had only 93%. The results that were beyond the limits were primarily lactate levels >8 mmol/L. Biases between the benchtop analyzer and the i-STAT ® were not clinically significant, except pH. No significant inter-device variability was observed between the i-STAT ® analyzers. Conclusion: This comparison study of pH, pCO 2 , pO 2 , and lactate measurements between Nova pHOx plus L ® and i-STAT ® analyzers showed good agreement. However, lactate measurement results >8 mmol/L on the i-STAT ® analyzer should be interpreted with caution.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere22885
JournalJournal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2019


  • blood gas
  • i-STAT
  • inter-device variability
  • lactate
  • Nova pHOx plus L


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