Comparison of Effectivity Between Intramuscular Triamsinolone-Acetonide 40 mg with 80 mg in Moderate Persistent Asthma

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The goal of asthma management is to obtain the controlled asthma and inhaled glucocorticoid had been used as the standard controller for asthma. Our previous data have shown the similar potency of asthma controller between intramuscular (IM) injection of Triamcinolone acetonide (TA) 40 mg and inhaled corticosteroid. Current study were carried out to investigate whether there is dependent effect of TA in controlling asthma by doubling the dose of TA. The aim of the study to compare the efficacy of long term IM injection of TA 40 mg with TA 80 mg as controller in moderate persistent asthma in adult. A randomized single blind clinical trial had been carried out from 52 patients with moderate persistent asthma. TA 40 mg (Group I) or TA 80 mg (Group II) were injected intramusculary twice with interval of 1 month. Periode of relapse, asthma control test (ACT), degree of bronchial hypersensitivity (PC20), lung function (FEV1), cortisol concentration and side effect were followed up for 3 months. Among 52 patients recruited in this study, male 7 (13.4 %), female 45 (86.6%), 4 patients were drop out. Mean of age were 41 years old (27-55 years old). Mean of bronchial hypersensitivity before and after treatments in group I and II were (0.56±1.17 to 1.13±2.32 mg/mL) and (0.25±0.29 to 0.68±0.70 mg/mL), respectively. Total asthma score and FEV1 were increase significantly although between two group were not significantly different. The percentage of having a relapse one month after treatment, >1 to <3 month and >3 month in two group were (13 % vs. 12 %), (21.7% vs.16 %) and (4 % vs 8 %) and the mean duration of treatment before relaps in TAIM 40mg and 80mg were 53.33 days and 56.66 days respectively. Serum level of cortisol were decrease in two groups were (7.46±4.43 μg/dL to 4.32±3.46 μg/dL) in 40 mg and (7.06±4.76 μg/dL to 2.71±2.10 μg/dL) in 80 mg. The adverse effect in both groups were headache, blood streak and menstruation disorder. The potency of intramuscular injection of TA 40 mg were similar with 80 mg in the treatment and more side effect were found in TAIM 80mg group although no significantly difference.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of the Indonesian Medical Association
Publication statusPublished - May 2010

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