Characters of Russian Girls in The Russian Children Song

Dinda Oktavia, Nia Kurnia Sofiah

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


This journal discusses the characters of Russian girls in the lyrics of a children song titled Из Чего Же, Из Чего Же ... (Iz Čego Zhe, Iz Čego Zhe ...) 'From What, From What ...', by conducting this research in order to analyze the meanings in the lyrics of the song. The song is modified by Nike for commercial purposes in 2017. The advertisement promotes the International Women day. The same reason are also taken for this journal. The lyrics that will be analyzed are about the characters of Russian girls, since the song is about children. This is still relevant since the root of the woman characters are nurtured since the child time this means as girls. However, authors will use the original song lyrics to avoid bias of Nike commercial tendencies. This research uses the descriptive analysis method and the theory used is semiotic theory from Roland Barthes (1977) with a model of denotation and connotation. There are eight nouns to be analyzed based on their shapes, colors, contents and environments. The results in this analysis show that the lyrics of the song describes the characters of Russian girls who are pious, protective and protected, careful and adaptive.
Keywords: Semiotics, Children's Character, Children's Songs, Lyrics, Roland Barthes
Original languageIndonesian
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2019

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