Cervical cancer screening and prevention among female gynecologic oncologists in Indonesia

Brahmana Askandar Tjokroprawiro, Indra Yuliati, Laila Nuranna, Tofan Widya Utami, Tricia Dewi Anggraeni, Khoirunnisa Novitasari, Renata Alya Ulhaq

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Background: Cervical cancer has become a significant health problem in developing countries. We researched cervical cancer screening and prevention among all female gynecologic oncologists (FGO) registered with the Indonesian Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (INASGO). Methods: Participant data and cervical cancer screening and prevention data were collected using an online questionnaire. A total sampling technique was conducted, and 18 of 20 FGOs responded to the survey. All data were analyzed descriptively. Results: Fourteen FGOs (77.8%) had their first cervical screening at the age of 31-40 years old, primarily using Pap smears (77.8%) and Pap-human papillomavirus (HPV) co-testing (22.2%). Half of the included FGOs (50%) had irregular cervical cancer screening due to lack of time (66.7%), followed by forgetting (33.3%). Most FGOs preferred liquid-based cytology (77.8%) over conventional Pap smears (22.2%). Half of the FGOs preferred the HPV genotyping and half the HPV non-genotyping test. Most of the FGOs had screenings performed by female gynecologists (77.8%), male gynecologists (11.1%), and female general practitioners (5.6%). Most FGOs underwent screenings at health facilities outside their workplace (88.9%) and were funded by themselves (94.4%). Most FGOs were vaccinated with the HPV vaccine (77.8%), and most were with the quadrivalent (85.7%) over the bivalent vaccine (14.3%). All respondents were completely (three doses) vaccinated. Conclusion: Most of the FGOs in Indonesia have been vaccinated against HPV and screened for cervical cancer, although half are still not regularly screened. The liquid-based cytology Pap smear and the quadrivalent HPV vaccine are the preferred cervical screening and prevention methods among FGOs in Indonesia.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1158-1162
Number of pages5
JournalBali Medical Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • cervical cancer
  • female gynecologic-oncologist
  • screening
  • vaccination


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