Career Role Analysis of Civil Servants at the State Employment Agency

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This study aimed to analyse the career role guidance and consouling of civil servants at the State Employment Agency in Jakarta and related efforts for their empowerment. The study employs a post-positivist approach by testing the theories on career consouling by collecting qualitative data through in-depth interviews and by conducting literature studies, application of a triangulation strategy for validating and verifying the available data. The study's findings reveal that, first, that the notion of consouling plagued by a misperception consouling about person with a mental or psychological problem as opposed to guidance and consouling for person at the moment facing an impasse in their career and assisting to achieve their best. Secondly, the appointed consouling to the consouling unit do not belong to professional association. Third, the regulation of the Head of BKN and the Standard Operating Procedures govern the career- consouling unit not formalized in a clear and definitive regulation. Therefore, to boost the role of guidance and consouling, it's neccesary to have clear and definite regulations, to establish distinct consouling modules, to appoint certified counsellors belong to professional association, turn the image of consouling and bring in the civil servants, so they would use consouling services advancing their career.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCareer Role Analysis of Civil Servants at the State Employment Agency
PublisherAtlantis Press
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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