Capacity Building of Nonprofit Organizations in the Growth Stage at Papua Pesat Foundation (An Action Research Based on the SSM)

Irfan, Azhar Kasim

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This research aims at analyzing the capacity building of a nonprofit organizations (Papuan Pesat Foundation) in the growth stage, by analyzing six internal components and four external components. The research used an ac-
tion research based approach based on the soft systems methodology that consists of two activities that had were carried out simultaneously. The two activities were research interest and problem solving interest (McKay and
Marshall, 2001), which fulfilled the criteria of being systematically desirable and culturally feasible Brothers and Sherman (2012)’s theory that postulates that there are six internal components that should be strengthened in the growth stage, that include leadership, organizational culture, the role of the board, programs extension, manage-ment and infrastructure, financial sustainability. Subsequently, according to De Vita, et. al. (2001) there are four external components of an organization that should be maintained which include the social demographics, the economy/market, the politics and values, and the norms. Research findings showed that with regards to research interest, the organization should be equipped with transformational leadership, simple organizational structure design, and improvement in the role board plays. With respect to problem solving interest, findings showed the need for extension of working programs through a better formulation process, human resources management, and organizational financial sustainability. Subsequently, external components that should be established include the collaboration among nonprofit organizations, local government, the private sector, business activities, political
participation and public relations.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJurnal Kebijakan dan Administrasi Publik
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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