Calculation of barrier potential height using fraction parameter

Rizal Kurniadi, Anto Sulaksono, Yudha S. Perkasa

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Nucleus deformation refers to a change in the nucleus surface shape. The expression of the radius of the nucleus can represent this deformation. Generally, these radii are expansions involving spherical harmonics. In addition, some divide the nucleus shape into three parts. The left and right ends are spherical, while the middle or neck uses the hyperbolic function. The deformation shape does not contain the fraction of the nucleus fragments. In fact, including all possible fraction values will provide all the probability that occurs. These probabilities can be accumulated to determine the value of the potential barrier height. Based on this reason, a technique was developed to include the fragment fraction as part of the input variable. This technique is intended to be able to use experimental data from fission products. Namely, as input to get a potential barrier height. By changing the function expression for the radius of the nucleus, the fragment fraction can insert into the function. For this purpose, the method is to form the three parts of the nuclear radius. The first part is the head in the form of spherical harmonics. The second part is the neck which has a shape like hyperbolic cosines. By applying the continuity condition between the neck and the head, the fraction parameter becomes the expansion coefficient of the spherical harmonics. This technique shows fairly good calculation results. The figure of the potential barrier height shows the results of these calculations. It is through comparisons between this work and several other works that two main conclusions are drawn. First, the insertion of fraction parameters at the nucleus radius was successfully carried out. Second, the fission yield data can be used as input for calculating the fission barrier height.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105038
JournalResults in Physics
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2022


  • Droplet model
  • Fraction parameter
  • Fragment coordinate
  • Potential barrier height


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