Business feasibility analysis of solar power plants in eastsumba energy zone

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The purpose of this study is to determine the business feasibility of the East Sumba energy security zone solar power project. Low of electrification ratio and energy security index and very large of potential of solar-based natural resource energy or solar power plants (SPP) in East Sumba make this study important.
Data analysis used business feasibility analysis. There are several aspects used in this study, namely legal, market and marketing aspects, technical and technological aspects, management aspects and human resources, socio-economic aspects, environmental aspects, and financial aspects. This study uses primary and secondary data from the experience of SPP businesses in East Sumba and several regions in Indonesia. Business feasibility analysis simulated by SPP on Grid with battery Back-up System for 100 households/houses in hamlets/ villages. The result shows that the SPP business is feasible to implement based on several aspects, namely legal, marketing, technical and technological aspects, management and human resources, social and environmental and financial aspects. The SPP business can be developed with
a capacity of 15 kWp for 100 households without batteries. In order to make the investment successful and feasible, it needs the role of "cheap" subsidies to support small-scale generator investments such as soft loans, government spending, grants, and so on. Battery schemes, it is not recommended for private
investment because of battery prices are still high and battery useful life is under 10 years. Therefore, investment is suggested made by each household according to needs.
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Publication statusPublished - 7 Jan 2019


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